The Magic Words

Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

Many people teach their children to say “please” and “thank you.” If a child says “I want more milk” the parent says “What are the magic words?” The child says “please” and after the milk is poured says thank you.

I don’t know who began calling them the magic words, but there is a lot more truth to that than we realize. Most people realize that when you start your day in a good mood, the whole day goes well. But if something goes wrong in the morning, like stubbing your toe as you walk half asleep to the bathroom, it can make the day go badly, unless you shake it off and think about things you are grateful for. Being grateful puts us on a higher plane, so to speak, and sets the tone for the entire day.

Some people say thank you as their feet hit the floor getting out of bed. They stop and think about how happy and grateful they are that they have a job to go to, or they have a bed to sleep in, food to eat for breakfast, a toothbrush, running water, and a myriad of other things.

Just one hundred years ago most people in the world did not have indoor plumbing, electricity, air-conditioning and many other things that we take for granted. In fact, even today hundreds of millions of people don’t have these things.

Today we have good transportation that can bring us a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, meats and other good things to eat. It was not that way one hundred years ago.

It is so easy to forget about the hundreds of blessings we have and think about the few problems we have. But when we say thank you for every blessing we can think of as we start the morning, it brings about good feelings and makes the day go better. When we are grateful we begin to see more things to be grateful for and it actually brings about good things because our brain can see opportunities that it would not have seen otherwise.

So, “thank you” and “please” really are magic words that have a lot of power.


  1. You are right and you never have to remind me, Oh maybe once or twice, LOL, but I always get on people who don’t say please or thank you, even tell the children they need to say please and thank you. Because you do get a lot further when you actually use those to little bitty words

  2. Keeping a journal of one good thing that I was thankful for every day (and making sure to find at least one a day) really helped me through a very rough time in my life.

  3. Reblogged this on The Aura Reader and commented:
    This is a wonderful essay on the power of gratitude and positive thinking. It’s an attitude I try to adhere to myself, although it does take a bit of mindfulness to achieve. It’s well worth it, though, because the results can be transformative. Thanks, Brad, for another thought-provoking post! 🙂

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