God adores you and has a fantastic plan for your life.

English: Satan Going Forth from the Presence o...

Do you ever feel that God is up there judging you and criticizing you? No, that is Satan’s job. The word Satan means accuser, and that is what he does. See the book of Job, and Zechariah chapter 3. No, God is up there saying good things about you, doting on you and loving you with unconditional love. Unconditional means he loves you no matter what you do or don’t do, what you have done wrong in the past or what you will do wrong in the future.

Numbers 6:24
“‘“The Lord bless you and keep you;
25 the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
26 the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace. ”’

King David said about God in Psalm 8:3 When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,4 what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? 5 You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.
Verse 4 is saying that God dotes on us the way a mother dotes on her baby. God disciplines us to keep us out of trouble. All the rules in the Bible keep us out of trouble the way a road map keeps you from getting lost and in trouble.

I’m not saying that God never gets mad, of course he does. And if a person constantly throughout life rejects God’s invitation to live forever in paradise in close relationship to Him, then that person will not go to heaven.



  1. What a great picture.It looks like a grand cosadmic fireadworks show.It brgnis to mind the only time I saw the Northern Lights.It was the sumadmer of 1975 and we were driadving back from a friends cotadtage in the Finger Lakes to suradburadban Rochester in top down Buick Electra conadvertadible when we spotadted the lights.Had to be around 2 a.m. and it was beauadtiadful cruisading a counadtry road seeading this cosadmic show.Don’t know why the Northern Lights showed up that far south that night but it has stayed in mya0mind.  — 

  2. Dear sir;Hami TAMUAS ko santaati hamro puarlkhe hamro khadma sumpeko avibhara yeti dherai bafadari R gahan rupma bahan garnu bhaykoma(KHOP SIR) tapailaii hamro mahan salam6.Hamro TAMUS haruko bhasa,saskiritiko unnati,pragati R jagernako nimtitapaile garnu bhayko atulaniya yogdhan sada-sada hami TAMUS samudayko mutuko dukdukima jibit rahirahane6.Thanks all member of tamu samaaj kuwaiut for love N save our TAMUS calture N tradition.Rabin Gurung.Buddha Chowk, POKHARA.

    • Good break down of things, Dave. There is a paraaddox in freeading the self. It takes a focus on the self, oftenadtimes to the excluadsion of othaders and sociadety at large. Ridding the self, becomading selfadless, in the mysadtiadcal sense, ptrtey much requires a sort of excluadsionadary process of the world around us. Exceptions, of course. But there aren’t too many mysadtics who dove headadlong into sociadety, embraced crowds, embraced the world, etc. The ethadiadcal and the moral means bringading back lessons. So that mysadtiadcal revadeadlaadtion withadout conadnecadtion with the world of humans and nature .… seems ultiadmately rather devoid of that ethadiadcal and moral comadpoadnent. “Personal saladvaadtion” via Christianity or other reliadgions of that kind have the same conunaddrum. I’ve spoadken with believaders who say that nothading is as imporadtant to them as their relaadtionadship with their savadior. Not famadily, not kids, not friends. Nothing. As one of those old secaduadlar humanadists, I can’t underadstand that, really. I try to walk in their mocadcasins, but I slip and fall aa0lot.  — 

  3. great inspiration Brad! But just like a child who focuses on the discipline rather than the true reason a parent corrects their child….we will lose sight of the paradise God has promised us if all we can see is the correction he makes in our lives when we lose our way…..

    • Hmmm, interesting post.One time when I read toghurh Acts, I wrote a note in the margin that this was the only time in history that communal living has worked. Ever. Even they had trouble the hellenized widows weren’t getting taken care of, circumcision arguments, etc. but they CHOSE to all sacrifice for the greater good and had help from God. Therein lies the key they chose to sacrifice and had a lot of help. Humans are naturally selfish and petty the beauty of a capitalist system is that it harnesses human weakness (greed) so that it benefits the greater good.Communism, at least in the Soviet model, is the ultimate expression of hypocrisy and delusion. Hypocrisy in that they claim to rule v imye naroda in the name of the masses but in reality they rule for the benefit of the very few who happen to be at the top. Orwell’s Animal Farm and Harry Turtledove’s In the Presence of Mine Enemies are fantastic commentaries on the Soviet system in novel form. The delusion came from their promises of utopia based on human strengths who did they think they were kidding? People are flawed, selfish and petty rather than create a utopia, all they did was destroy the soul and moral centers of the societies upon which they inflicted their rule.I could go on for days (I did in my masters thesis!) I am convinced that Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao are right up there with Mohammad and Hitler in Satan’s hall of fame for inflicting deception and misery upon the human race. Why I chose those names and in that order is probably a whole paper on its own, but I need to go change a poopy diaper how’s that for a mental grinding of the gears!Can’t wait to get to CO for Christmas!!!

      • agreed! your mention of satan’s hall of fame… reminds me of how he tempted Jesus with the same things….only difference is….these guys went for it while Jesus didn’t…..I think the “hippies” had a great idea with their communes…they just didn’t ask God to bless them….good luck with the diaper…they are distant in my memory….but they are there! lol

  4. one of the most beautiful lines that has stuck with me till now ( Conversation with God for teens , read it like 10 years back) : you think , god who created something as fragile and delicate as the snowflake, would leave your life on chance???

      • I remember, after liaenrng about Marx in AP European History, going home to my family and expounding the correctness of this theory. My parents, in their wisdom, decided to make that next week Communism week. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it was the worst week of my life.Communism, socialism looks good on paper but the problem is the people involved. Just like several other posters said people are selfish, thus communism, communal living doesn’t work.

    • Good question and a loaedd one at that. I thought about this last night while I couldn’t sleep because of having mountain dew at 7 with dinner. I want to say yes because life expectancy is up, we are bigger, stronger, and healthier than ever before. However, human traits haven’t changed much over the past, oh, five thousand years. We still have two legs, walk upright, are self-aware, capable of spiritual consideration so I’m not sure on evolving. Also, especially in America, we are so medicated, I can’t help but to wonder if we are deteriorating or if we it’s a lifestyle catching up to us. I do think we are de-evolving as a society. With the riots in Greece, wars in the Middle East, and even protests over Prop 8 in California, people are turning to violence to get what they want. So maybe we are moving backwards emotionally. Finally, I think this current rise of humanism (again it’s nothing new, I’m working on a blog about it) is dangerous as cultures always seem to fall when they focus on the greatness of themselves. I’m not saying we should have a national religion or be forced to worship this or that, because when people can’t choose they aren’t free. So when people begin looking at themselves as non-spiritual all physical, I think they are putting limits and barriers around what can be accomplished. So, to answer your question, yes and no! What do you think?

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