The Ripple Effect

Ripple effect on water.

If you teach something to two people this year and coach them to teach two people each next year, and each of them to teach two, it multiples to millions of people quickly. For example, if I spread some good news to two people this year and show them how to spread the same good stuff to two people the next year, and the trend continues, in less than twenty years more than one million people will have a better life. Or if you are selling something, you could potentially reach over a million people in 20 years. That doesn’t mean they would all buy your product or service, but they would at least hear about it.


Below is a table showing how fast this multiplies. Just think, for the really motivated, the years could be replaced with days. That would mean you could reach over one million people in just 20 days!


year no. of people
1                     2
2                     4
3                     8
4                   16
5                   32
6                   64
7                 128
8                 256
9                 512
10             1,024
11             2,048
12             4,096
13             8,192
14           16,384
15           32,768
16           65,536
17        131,072
18        262,144
19        524,288
20     1,048,576


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