Your words are powerful!

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I saw a study that said children are born with a good self-image, but due to all the scolding’s and criticisms they get throughout life, their self-image becomes poorer as the years go by. School can be very rough on many children’s self-image because it is almost impossible to do any task 100% correctly and get perfect marks on an assignment. It is easy for parents to tell the children what they do wrong without ever telling them what they do right.

Robert Rosenthal was the chairman of the psychology department at Harvard until he retired and began working at a university in California. He did a famous study in which he showed how powerful self-fulfilling prophecy is. This is also called the Pygmalion effect.

Rosenthal chose 3 teachers at random and told them that since they were outstanding teachers they would be given 90 outstanding students to teach and the goal was to improve the students academically. After time it was found that the students did, in fact improve dramatically. But then he told the teachers that the students were not outstanding at all, they had been chosen randomly. Probably the teachers felt proud about that, after all, they had been chosen because they were outstanding. But then Rosenthal went on to tell the teachers that they were not chosen because they were outstanding, they were chosen randomly also.

The results showed that if you really believe in others, they will perform better. Not only that, if you believe in yourself, you will perform better too.

Tell yourself often that you are outstanding and the prophecy will come true. People often criticize themselves, but this brings about negative results. You wouldn’t say those things to others would you?

Tell your loved ones/subordinates at work they are outstanding and they will become so.

I heard a radio talk show in which the speaker said we should complement our children five times for every time we tell them what they do wrong. Wow, that will keep me busy, but I know it is good advice.

Your words have power, use your words wisely!

In Joel chapter 3 God tells us “Let the weak say ‘I am strong!’” If a weak person calls himself strong often enough he will become strong.


  1. Very well said! Constant criticism, especially for a sensitive person, can really alter the way they think about themselves. I have struggled with this for a long time, because I thought that by looking at my weaknesses, I will become stronger. It’s not always the case. You have to be willing to improve but you must also celebrate your strengths and who you are as a person. If you do not believe in yourself, you can achieve very little.

  2. Good post and so true–I have a tendency to put myself down but it is a good point that I would not put someone not be so cricitcal of someone else so why am I so critical of me, I’m way too hard on myself–I suspect for a lot of reasons but I also think the “father of lies” the devil is at work and he wants me discouraged. Your posts lately have been very uplifing. Keep up the good work. Or should I say”good word” 🙂

  3. […] Your words are powerful!. I read this and it touched my heart today. I reblogged this for my daughter, my husband, my friends, all the people I love. And as I don’t want to leave anyone out, this is for everyone, because it is soooooo true. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Posted in September Posts and tagged family, inspiration, journal, life, love, Secondhand, surfer, words […]

  4. I agree, although I don’t think that we should constantly tell children they are outstanding with no expectation of performance whatsoever. This seems to be a problem in parenting today – if everyone gets a trophy for everything, then excellence becomes meaningless, and children grow up spoiled and entitled, without the skills to deal with the more difficult parts of life. So there seems to be a balance to be struck somewhere.

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