The Boy and the Puppy

Argentine Dogo puppy

A little boy walked out to a farm not far from where he lived because he heard the farmer was selling puppies. It was a warm June evening and the boy was tired and sweaty when he arrived to look at the puppies. The farmer gave him a cold drink of water.

The farmer took him to the old red barn where the puppies were so that he could choose one. The boy watched the puppies playing near their mother for awhile and then he pointed to a cream colored puppy.

“No, you don’t want that one,” the farmer said. “There is something wrong with his back legs and he can’t run like his brothers and sisters can. You won’t be able to run and play with him. You should take one of the other puppies.”

The little boy pulled up his pants leg to show the farmer the braces on his legs. “Well, mister, I wanted that puppy because I understand how he feels and he needs someone like me to give him the special love that he needs.”


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