1. Jim Carrey used affirmations
    Craziness-Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy and family...
  2. Jack Canfield’s affirmations and things he did to sell his book (you can use the same ideas to sell your books or any items)

Jim Carrey said:
I’ve always believed in magic. When I wasn’t doing anything in this town, I’d go up every night, sit on Mulholland Drive, look out at the city, stretch out my arms, and say, “Everybody wants to work with me. I’m a really good actor. I have all kinds of great movie offers.” I’d just repeat these things over and over, literally convincing myself that I had a couple of movies lined up. I’d drive down that hill, ready to take the world on, going, “Movie offers are out there for me, I just don’t hear them yet.” It was like total affirmations, antidotes to the stuff that stems from family background.

Those affirmations gave Jim the confidence he needed to accept the constant rejections that come to people in Hollywood. But there is something more to it than that. He calls it magic. Some people call it faith. Jesus said “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Some eastern religions and scientists who don’t believe in God say the same thing. Some call it the Law of Attraction.

You reap what you sow, if you think and speak about success long enough, you sow thoughts of success and later you begin to reap success. Charles Stanley says this works every time, but that it takes time to come about and you reap more than you sow.

The converse is true too. If you sow thoughts of worry and dread, bad feelings toward other people, bad things will come about. I find this is especially true in relationships. Bad attitudes toward other people soon becomes apparent in facial expressions or a certain coldness, or even unkind words. Most communication is nonverbal, scientists say.

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  1. Thank you for the words. I don’t know if anything will change for me, since i’ve been in a dread loop of depression as they’ve said. Might as well try this magic. Speaking of Jim Carrey, I really do love him as an actor. Magic really indeed made him to be someone in hollywood!

    • Rachel: glad to hear you are well-adjusted. It gives me much hope! And wonderful to see that you don’t slecetry hate your parents for keeping you out of high school! That is a worry for me.nancy: I agree, black background/white type should be outlawed. I don’t even read those blogs anymore. If they have a funky background, say, teal, with fuschia text, I am gone. If you want me to read it, make it readable. If it is for self-expression only, perhaps a journal would better suit the writer.pia: thanks for writing about your experiences. I think your blog is pretty and definitely well-organized. Happy that you noticed my sidebar, and yes, there is a Religious Left but it is hard because where I am, it is easy to feel disenfranchised.ed: aw, aren’t you sweet! Guess what? I WON! Shock of shocks.

  2. I agree with you 100% Our pastor always tells us to confess the things we want to see happen in our lives. If you speak positive things into your life and take the necessary action, then you will reap positive stuff. Your words (and thoughts) have power!

    • Allison: glad you enjoyed it. Karl wriets well and I really identified with his article.mj, bg and sam: I have no idea why I can’t see your blog either. I use Firefox on Mac, maybe that has something to do with it? Sometimes, what looks good in Internet Explorer doesn’t match the looks in other browsers. The old WSIWYG vs. WYSIWOG debate. What you see isn’t necessarily what others see. Does that make sense?Karl: It definitely is a big deal. Sorry for misquoting you, I will change it, forthwith.

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