A party changed their lives…

Oyeyemi Olodo and Jack Canfield
Oyeyemi Olodo and Jack Canfield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jack Canfield, the coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, writes about a party he went to that built confidence in all of the people that went to it. Everyone was instructed to pretend that it was five years later and they had achieved their goals and dreams in life. They were to spend the whole evening talking about what they accomplished and how it made them feel.

Jack went as a writer of bestselling books. One man went as a movie producer that was the first to work with the Russians on a big movie deal. Another man went as a man who had retired and was able to work as a sculptor. He dressed the part. A lady went as an author of bestselling books, she brought mock up books with her. Another lady brought a magazine she had put the image of her face on which told about her accomplishments. One man went as a rich stockbroker and hired someone to call him every 15 minutes so that he could shout “sell ten thousand shares” or some other similar thing.

20 people had been hired to act as adoring fans and paparazzi. They took photos and shouted to the group as if they were real fans meeting famous people.

The people laughed and talked for several hours, never stepping out of the characters they were playing. It had an incredible effect on them. It built and strengthened their faith in themselves. It made them actually believe they could accomplish their dreams.

As you know, Jack Canfield went on to write/edit books that have sold many millions of copies. All of the people at the party went on to achieve their goals, and to actually achieve more than they had dreamed of that night.

Why not do this for your friends or children? Make a commitment to do it. You don’t have to hire the paparazzi, if you get together with enough friends you can find people to play that part.

Many people who have achieved great things in life say that it is very important to dream about and imagine your goals as if you already achieved them. There is a very powerful psychological message sent throughout your mind when you do this. In fact, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote an entire book about the power of imagining because he found it was so important to achieve goals and dreams.

From The Success Principles by Jack Canfield  chapter 12


  1. I just want to tell you that I am just beginner to blogs and seriously savored this web-site. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You really have impressive article content. Cheers for sharing your blog.

  2. Reblogged this on freeceiver and commented:
    This is such a great idea that I just have to do something about it. Plans began to form as I read the article and I am really inspired.

    Thanks Brad.

  3. Hey Brad, this is a fantastic idea 🙂 It hit me when you mentioned family as I want all the best for my 10-year old. Have a few friends that could use a kick in the butt and genuine inspiration.

  4. Wow! This is a GREAT idea. I’m gonna try it everyday, just in a more subtle mode of action…but I’ll remember to spread the celebration too… 😉 Thank you so much, Brad!

  5. i love this post 🙂 dreaming is really strenghfull….when we turn negtives thouhghts into positives things…the universe do something , like a magician …and our dreams becomes true !!!have a nice day 🙂

  6. it’s never too early to start this. My daughter is always encouraging my grandsons and telling them it was a good try if they miss, or a good shot if they make it. As a result my oldest grandson who is three and a half, now shouts I’m the best hockey player, I’m the best soccer player, I’m the best basketball player…. depending on the sport he is “playing.” He has skill which makes him good for his age, and he has been trained in confidence which will take him as far if not further than the skill.

    • yes, i’m sure it will help. OJ Simpson wore braces on his legs and told a pro football player that he would someday be the best running back in the US NFL and he did in fact become that.

  7. What a coincidence, Brad. We had a wellness session at work today where everyone had to write down their best envisioned outcome in five years. Our imaginations allow us to reinvent our realities.

    Great post.

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