Become rich from daydreaming?

Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book called “Positive Imaging: The Powerful Way to Change Your Life.” In it he writes about the powerful effect of imagining the outcome that you want in life. But he is not the only person to write about this. Dr. Denis Waitley became famous for Visual Motor Rehearsal training for Astronauts on the Apollo program and the Olympics. He said that athletes were hooked up to sophisticated equipment and imagined running their event in their mind. The same muscles fired as when they were actually running the event.

A famous study showed that when basketball players imagined playing basketball and shooting baskets it caused them to perform better on the court.

Dr. Rosenthal of Yale University demonstrated that when teachers believed their students were top performers, the students tended to perform the way their teachers imagined them to be and increased their performance in the classroom.

Since you are reading this blog I assume you have an interest in reading and possibly an interest in writing. It is probably easy for you to believe that anyone who writes a novel has to imagine it, daydream about it before actually putting words on paper. Many have become incredibly rich because they are good storytellers. They are good storytellers because they are good daydreamers.

J.K. Rowling became one of the richest women in the world because she has a great imagination and began writing the Harry Potter series while she was a single mother on welfare. She had been a secretary for Amnesty International, but spent so much time daydreaming about the Harry Potter book she lost her job, which turned out to be a really good thing.

Ian Fleming failed at many different jobs before he penned the James Bond series of books that later were made into movies that became favorites in most counties of the world.

Spend at least 7 minutes a day imagining that your dreams have come true. Work hard and they probably will!
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  1. The Bible talks about renewing your mind. Dreaming can be part of that process, but we need to ask God to give us the dreams He wants us to have, and then have faith that He will answer that prayer.
    There is a difference between dreams and wishful thinking. I think the latter is not healthy. Dreams, from God, are healthy and as we trust God, He will resource us for pursuing those dreams. However, bear in mind that there is a Psalm that mentions we can dream but God blesses it (or not), or something like that. It is a matter of the motive of the dream, of the heart too.
    Big subject, but one that needs further conversation.
    By the way, just reading Dreaming with God by Bill Johnson. Only at the start of it but I am already being challenged.
    Thanks for following my blog by the way.

    • Yes,I agree with you. The important part is that we want our dreams and desires to be from God, if they are not, they can be destructive. And, of course a person has to take action to make dreams come true, especially in relationships. I’m guessing most people’s dreams have to do with having good relationships and that takes work. My dream is to sell my book and help as many people as possible and it takes a lot of action. thanks for your comment.

  2. I’m extremely fascinated by this thought. I believe daydreaming can give you a wider view on things and a different perception of certain situations, sometimes, but it has to be generated by a quite strong determination to succeed.

  3. I’d be happy if I could just daydream my blog back to working order! God bless you, brother–sis Caddo

  4. When I was in physical therapy after an accident even gentle movements would cause spasms. I had to first visualize the exercise and work my way up to actual movement. This brought an understanding of the power of thought. Soooo daydreaming is real work.

  5. I think this idea has to be balanced. I think we have a God-given imagination for a reason – dreaming is why we have cars and cell-phones! But – I cannot ‘dream’ myself into good circumstances. I can only respond when life unrolls itself. I participate and can change things – but only have the power to change my own ideas, responses, beliefs, etc. What do you think?

    • Yes, definitely has to be balanced. Just daydreaming doesn’t make it happen, but it is a good start. I have just been amazing by what faith can do, it can move a mountain. I have found that a positive attitude makes good things happen and a negative attitude makes bad things happen. But that is not to say that I can prevent all bad from happening to me. Somethings bad will happen. I was a very pessimistic person, and I find that optimism, Jesus called it faith, makes good things happen. So to a certain extent, i have found that I can dream myself into good circumstances. God is in control of everything and that helps. I wrote a book about this, it takes a long time to explain. Have you ever read any of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s books? Power of Positive Thinking is awesome. Thanks so much for commenting.

      • This is certainly a topic with lots of avenues to explore, isn’t it? And I agree with you – faith can certainly do amazing things. And choosing to think on things that are lovely, excellent, admirable, makes a huge difference!

    • Thanks so much. How is the weather there? Must be warm. I bet it is beautiful all year long. I lived in Guangzhou, China for ten years, a bit similar to where you live.

    • I believe if you read all the things Jesus said about faith, you won’t feel your thinking is ridiculous. Or you could try Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s book Power of Positive Thinking is awesome. Thanks so much for commenting.

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