The incredible power of confidence……

It seems that every person who accomplished big things in life understood the power of confidence, faith, positive thinking or whatever you want to call it. They understood the concept of imagining the goal as if it was already achieved. Henry Ford, the man who revolutionized the auto industry once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.” He believed he could help win World War II by designing a factory that could build a heavy bomber in an hour. Few people shared his confidence. But his confidence was contagious and he convinced the right people to build the factory and it produced a bomber every 55 minutes. Each bomber was made of over 1,200,000 parts. That means that over a million parts had to come together to make each bomber as they rolled off the assembly line. He really did help the US win the war.
Thomas Edison had only a few months of formal education but he became one of the best inventors the world has ever known. He had intense confidence that enabled him to keep trying after 10,000 failures to invent the electric light bulb. In fact, he considered failures to be successes because each time he failed it showed him one more way the invention couldn’t be built and moved him one step closer to his goal.

Winston Churchill said “Never, never, never give up.” Only a person with a lot of confidence can keep going when it gets tough. He was a man familiar with suffering, but the difficulties he faced in life forged him in the crucible so that he became tough enough to lead Great Britain through one of her most difficult times—World War II. His confidence gave the people strength when they were beginning to lose hope.

In an earlier post I wrote about how Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote about the power of confidence and imagining your goal being reached. Just as Schwarzenegger, Ford, Edison, and Churchill persisted in imagining and reaching their goals, we can do the same.

Thomas Edison built the world's first large-sc...
Thomas Edison built the world’s first large-scale electrical supply network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have confidence, keep imagining your dreams and goals. God is in the process of lining things up for you to achieve your God given goals.


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  2. I especially love the last line–that God is lining things up for me to achieve HIS goals for me. This is SO Powerful–thanks much!! God bless you.

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