Guangzhou is famous for food. Dim Sum is…

Dim sum :Author: User:Das_O2 :Date: August 20t...
Dim sum :Author: User:Das_O2 :Date: August 20th, 2005 :Notes: Typical dim sum breakfast in Hong Kong. From left to right and top to bottom: shrimp dumplings (ha gau), jasmine tea, chicken and vegetable ‘congee’ (two bowls with spoons), hot sauce dip (red), steamed dumplings, rice noodle rolls with soy sauce (‘cheong fun’, on plate), steamed buns with pork filling (three, ‘char siu bau’). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guangzhou is famous for food. Dim Sum is eaten in the morning. It is not one kind of food, but an assortment of many different low- priced delicacies such as wontons, hand-pulled noodles, tiny egg custard pies, specially flavored meat balls, duck eggs salted in the shell, special cuts of sautéed meat, pastries, and many other foods. It is fun to sit in a teahouse in the morning and drink tea and eat Dim Sum. Waitresses push carts loaded with small bamboo baskets full of many kinds of delicious foods.

Looking out the window of a tea house, one can see the beautiful sub-tropical foliage such as the wide green leaves of banana plants and the even larger elephant ear plants which can be several feet wide. There are slender bamboo stalks taller than buildings, orchids, palm trees, and a wide variety of plants and trees. Many of the parks have dozens of kinds of interesting trees, shrubs, plants and flowers. One of the beautiful things about Southern China is the abundance of bamboo. I have never seen more delicate leaves than the long, slender light-green bamboo leaves. Guangzhou was voted one of the top ten Garden Cities in the world. Because the temperature doesn’t go below freezing, they can grow many different kinds of plants and trees not found in other areas of the world.

Teaching English and studying Chinese was very fulfilling work there in Canton. The busy schedule didn’t leave much time for the missionary work, but I did the best I could. Chinese people who attended the meetings for a long time regularly became Christians, but the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there was nothing compared to what I would experience later.

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