My biggest adventure

English: Great Wall of China near Jinshanling ...
English: Great Wall of China near Jinshanling Polski: Wielki Mur Chiński w okolicy Jinshanling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1989 I embarked on the biggest adventure of my life. I quit a good job in Wichita, Kansas, to go to China as an English teacher since missionaries were not allowed there. I had no idea of the joys and sufferings awaiting me. While there, I learned a lot about prayer and saw many answers to prayer. I heard of amazing miracles happening in China. I wondered why there seem to be more answers to prayer there than in the US. I think it is because many people took the Bible literally when it speaks of prayer.

Imagine a country so different and so far away that it is completely unlike the world we live in here in America. China is a country of ancient customs, traditions and religions.    My first four months in China were spent in Beijing. The climate there is much like Kansas. It snows in the winter and is hot in the summer. I lived in a small dorm room with a radiator heater that didn’t heat very well. There were gaps between the wooden slats in my window that let in the bitterly cold December wind. I covered the gaps with duct tape, but the room was still very cold. It felt like I would never get warm, except when I was in bed covered with heavy blankets.

In February I moved to southern China, a city called Canton, at the urging of an American couple who needed to return to the States. They had a house church there and needed someone to lead it. It had existed for several years before they arrived.  It was started by an American young lady who stayed a year.  Then it was taken over by another American for a year before the couple took it. I was the fourth American to teach the Bible there. More in tomorrow’s post. Leave a comment.

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