Espanol Zeal

11953086_925397044200673_7914207495667239630_nEspanol   Make extra money.

La creacion de Zeal en Espanol

Email me at or call me (USA) 316-993-4155 for more information.  On emails be sure to write “I want zeal” in the subject line.

Motivational quotes
Why aren’t you dead yet?
Are you responsible for your success?
Failure brings success
Confidence gives you power
Get the power…
Rodney Dangerfield jokes


  1. Totally agree with Ford being brilliant~but the last statement about “helped the US win the war”? I have to show some egos here~ First, may Ford have successfully produced the best aircraft, but he got money and if J Robert Oppenheimer had not led the Manhattan Project and were not lucky enough to bring the project to life, the war would not be wrapped up as it was. Second, the US did not win the war. If Stalin had not wounded Hitler to accelerate the victory in Europe, Japan would not stop until it took over Asia or itself being wiped out from the map. The victory belongs to all who participated in fighting the Ultranationalism, Germany, Japan, and Italy. Apologize if my opinion offended you.

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