World War 3 predicted?

Many years ago, in the 1980’s, I was an aerospace engineer for the Raytheon Company. I was assigned to do secret government work on missiles that did not carry bombs. Some of the missiles our groups made were used for surveillance, others had other functions.

When I was told what some of these missiles could do, I didn’t believe it at first. As the weeks went by and I spent time learning how the missiles were designed, I began to believe that they could do the amazing things that I was told about.

The key point here is that the things these missiles could do were so far ahead of anything I had ever heard about that I didn’t believe it.

The SR-71 Blackbird was a super-secret spy plane used from the 1960’s to the1990’s. Some online sources say the plane could go over Mach 3, but they don’t say how much faster than Mach 3 the plane could go. The problem was that the SR-71 was so fast that airline pilots sometimes reported it as a UFO because they didn’t believe any airplane could go that fast.

The key point here is that people didn’t believe any airplane could go that fast. Military technology is often so much more advanced than commercial technology that people just don’t believe it is possible.

As you read this you may not believe it because you have heard  that it is not true or it seems so far beyond anything you have heard about that it seems unbelievable. Be open minded for just a few moments as you read.

Does the Bible predict World War III?

Do some super rich join together to make plans to acquire more wealth and power? I believe they do. We hear all sorts of silly fiction about the Illuminati, much of the Illuminati info is completely untrue. But does that mean that there aren’t any super rich & powerful people who want to get richer by making plans with other super rich people?

There is a theory that says that the super-rich from around the world joined together to make plans to bring much of the world under their control. They decided three world wars were needed to accomplish their plans.

World War I and II were predicted decades before they happened in a letter that some now say never existed. We believe everything we read, so we believe the letter never existed (haha). The letter also predicts World War III – a war of the Islamic World against Israel and Islam’s other enemies.

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